One of the reasons I post quite seldom is that it takes a while to articulate things; thoughts don’t ‘naturally’ come out in the weblog format. Perhaps it has to do with the shifting relational effect that is “me”, the blog author. Sometimes the effect is not singular but dispersed, diffracted, unstable: I contradict myself or worse, simultaneously enact multiple incommensurable bits of narratives that interfere with each other. What comes out simply isn’t a coherent story.

Blogs, like email addresses, assumedly stand for an individual person. Sometimes they stand for a group of people or an organization, like the Aula POV (sort of) stands for Aula. Much of the configuration work that is required to maintain this setup gets erased in the name of coherency: colleagues, friends, partners, and also machines and other nonhumans contribute to these messages and posts, sometimes even act as stunt doubles and ghostwriters. But more often than not these shifting configurations don’t produce anything postable. I’m looking for ways to practice greater sensitivity to the effacing that’s going on. Perhaps then I’d post more often :)

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