Model Anina reports that her agency has told her to stop blogging. She’s the latest in a growing list of professionals who face the consequences of their choice to step out of role (if ever so slightly) because by blogging they disturb the uneasy boundary between private and public life.

On a general note, I see here an instantiation of ‘exposure‘, the powerlessness challenge that personal publishing technologies pose to social institutions in general – from family to industry to governments – who can no longer control nor protect people like they just kind of naturally did before. I also think it’s pretty clear that we haven’t even started dealing with exposure on a large scale yet.

Hopefully Anina manages to sort it out with her agency and keep blogging.


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Nicolas Fogelholm
February 21st, 2006 at 11:12 pm (#)

That happened last week to Lotta Backlund who worked as a guide for the finnish parliamnet. The members of the parliament told her that they did not like what she was writing about on her blog.
She desided to quite her job. I say shame on you (our parliament). Not like the Google China thing, but anyway – bad move :-(.
The rest of the story in finnish (sorry):

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