Ulla and I will run an introductory course on Web 2.0 and recommendation-based markets at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki on Friday. The course is for anyone who is wondering how the Web might affect the design and marketing of their product or service. It will probably benefit designers, consultants, marketers, and general managers across a wide range of industries. The course fee is 265 euros. The language will be Finnish. There are still a few places left – sign up here.


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April 9th, 2006 at 2:29 am (#)

Missed your lecture – just read about it here, oh well. A very interestring topic – could you post a presentation here?
I’m wondering if it is possible / convenient / funto share radio program / podcast charts and recommendations in Last.FM the same way as music tracks’. Why not?
If there are Last.FM-using-podcast-listeners in the readers of this blog, what do you think? Have you seen you podcast tracks show up in you Last FM charts? Can you imagine users for that chart info?

Tuhat sanaa
April 9th, 2006 at 3:55 am (#)

Olisiko Last FM:stä myös podcast – tilastoksi?

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Naurispaja track info @ Last FM, originally uploaded by tuija.
Last FM

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