Videos of 19 of the 20+ talks from Aula 2006 – Movement are now available on The appearances include:
Jochi Ito’s keynote on MMORPGs
Martin Varsavsky’s keynote on Fon
… and 8-minute lightning speeches, including
Joshua Ramo on Personal Velocity
Saul Griffith on People Making Stuff
Arwen O’Reilly on the DIY Renaissance
Danah Boyd on MySpace
Matt Jones and Matt Webb on Digital Parkour
… and many more beautiful acts. Enjoy!

A huge thanks to Merci Hammon and Justin Hall for the camerawork and production.

Last but not least: if you watch only one thing, make it Cory Doctorow’s brilliant closing speech, captured Loic Lemeur.


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September 10th, 2006 at 7:37 am (#)

Some Aula videos … and a couple of others

In moments this last (busy) week I caught up on some podcasts and video stuff. The first ones below are from, or arise from, Aula: Movement, a series of conversations on social technology held in Helsinki in June 2006. (More

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