VanjokiAnssi Vanjoki is EVP & head of Multimedia at Nokia. Rough notes from his talk:

“I’m going to walk you through a day in the life of four people whose lives are enriched by Web 2.0 type services”

Jason, a journalist in London
– is very social, likes to be with other people
– wakes up to the sound of his multimedia computer
– has set up a task in 43things(woot Robots!) using WidSets
– in his home he has Wi-Fi and he goes to Google Video to download a video of a blowfish (fugu)
– he uses MSN Messenger to chat on his phone
– He has N93, he watches Mission Impossible 3 on the plane

Sanna, software developer in Helsinki
– uses N770 Wi-Fi tablet
– she finds the N770 elegant
– listens to Internet radio
– uses Web browser to check Amsterdam on Lonely Planet

Michael, publisher(?) in Brussels
– uses N95 because he likes it’s so powerful
– IMs with Jason to play a round of golf before their fugu party, sends geotag to him
– Listens to podcast in the car

Emily, model scout in Amsterdam
– reads IHT using Channels app
– Uses N93 to take photos, uploads to Flickr

Meanwile at the golf course

“I personally took up golf after 25 years of pressure from my friends last summer and discovered it’s very difficult” :)

– They use a golf trainer app on their phones to improve their swing
– Use Catalog to find & download Tiger Woods Golf game

At the clubhouse, there’s open Wi-Fi. They use Gizmo to make a VoIP call to the girls to bypass roaming costs

Emily uses the barcode scanner on the N93 to check if the coffee is Fair Trade

They all meet for their fugu party in Amsterdam. The Web brought them together and their multimedia computers keep them connected

After the event their photos are available for display and printing on the Web

“I’ve just gone through a day in the life of four technology leaders. All the functions are in the devices and all those services are on the Web. What they enjoy the rest of us will be enjoying in a few years’ time. Just like 10 years ago we introduced narrowband sockets out of which WAP came out. Around that time the first decent Web browsers arrived. If I had told this stuff then, you’d have thought ‘Anssi is anybody home?'”

“To learn about the future, it’s important to look back. Try to memorize something from 1996. How was the world then? It wa very different. The leaders were downloading ringtones to their phones.”

“Be careful – don’t be left behind”

N95 highlight. “The centerpiece of Web2,0 behavior. The information retrieval tool and repository has become a social place. There’s no such thing as mobile internet, there’s only one Internet. You discover things and share them, that’s what you do with these devices. It’s the only channel you need. You can use other resources like screens with this device. You can use downtime for relaxation or productive work. It makes your life easier and more fun.”

“We think our slogan ‘connecting people’ is more true today than it was when we took it up 15 years ago. Web 2.0 is all about connecting people and social interaction.”


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December 3rd, 2006 at 2:39 pm (#)

Thanks Jyri, your short summaries of the keynotes were very insightful!
Anssi isn’t even talking about the future as some people might think but of what’s possible today. Take my day as an example:
Thanks again!

December 8th, 2006 at 12:27 am (#)

and then they all die due to improperly prepared fugu. damn, dutch. at it again.
heh heh

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