Marko closed the first day with seven points that I think astutely identified the collective brainwaves at this conference:
1. Bubble trouble: interpreting history through purely financial cycles will cause you to misinterpret what’s happening
2. Consumer power: they make the media, they listen to each other, corporations must adapt to communicate with those rules
3. Packaging experiences: those companies who overinvest in making things beautiful and simple to use will win
4. The end of anonymity: we’re no longer dogs on the internet. A growing importance of online communication based on real identities
5. Small group communication: from shouting to a mass, to engaging a group of 3-10 people to communicate with each other
6. Undeniable trend toward advertising business models: spinal tap for companies especially in mobile telecoms. Users represented by proxies
7. Let’s believe in Europe: in 5 years, over half of the top internet brands will be launched and run from Europe

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