Good things do come in bunches.

Techcrunch noted on Wednesday that I closed a $775K seed round for my new startup Pingpin. We’re creating a new way to communicate on mobile devices and I’m still bouncing around different name candidates for the product. The round was led by True Ventures and Betaworks. I will have more to say about it soon, so stay tuned!

Then on Friday Mobclix, the mobile ad exchange I advise, was acquired by ad technology provider Velti (LSE: VEL). Mobclix was founded in 2008 and grew into the largest mobile ad exchange, serving 8.5 billion ad requests per month on over 100 million mobile handsets. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

And latest in the series, today Thinglink, the product tagging startup founded by my wife Ulla-Maaria, closed a $1M seed round from Inventure and Lifeline Ventures. It is developing an in-image advertising network: any blogger or website can use Thinglink to make the objects in their images clickable and drive traffic from their images to e-commerce sites and other destinations. I am an investor and advisor and really like the way the product is shaping up.

Here’s a thinglinked photo from this morning, right before the signing of the financing:

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