The Wall Street Journal called him a “marketing guru”. He’s the co-author of the The Cluetrain Manifesto, the bestseller that cut through the hype and told business what the Web was really about. His latest book, Small Pieces Loosely Joined has been published to rave reviews hailing it as the first book to put the Internet in its deepest context.

So I’m totally stoked to announce that David Weinberger has agreed to give the next Aula talk on Thursday, December 1st at 6 pm. The place is the PWC-lecture theatre (G-112) in the Chydenia building at the Helsinki School of Economics (Runeberginkatu 22-24). Thanks to folks at The Center of Knowledge and Innovation Research at the Helsinki School of Economics for offering the space.

David will speak on “The New Shape of Knowledge.” The summary he provided is worth quoting at length:

As businesses and media have looked at blogs, they’ve seen reflections of themselves. This continues a misunderstanding of the Web so persistent that it probably should count as a form of denial. Blogs are not a new form of journalism or primarily consist of teenagers whining about their teachers. Blogs are not even primarily a form of individual expression. They are better understood as conversations. This makes them just one more part of the transformation the Web is working on our social fabric, including the relationship of customers to businesses, employees to managers and business to society.

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