SimepanelHeads up from the future trends panel, the first session of the morning at SIME 06. Four entertaining, edgy guys (no girls) moderated by the elegant Tom Crampton. Some quotes:

“MySpace is so out. Get the stupid people out of my life and get the interesting people in, that’s the only thing the girls [I studied] care about” – Alexander Bard

“The trend now is opposite to anonymity it’s people broadcasting to their friends where they are and what they’re doing with their real identity on services like Plazes and Jaiku” – Martin Varsavsky

“The mobile phone is a closer proxy to real life and we’re going to see virtual selves migrating to the real life through it” – Carlos Bhola

“Poverty makes for better thinking” – Martin V

“I mean real free Wi-Fi not Martin Varsavsky free Wi-Fi” -Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

“Mumbai is going to be the new Los Angeles where content is created.” – Alex B

“It’s getting harder to be a fascist these days” – Martin V

“The internet is making the world more democratic, but democracy is not necessarily nice” – Alex B

“Television, newspapers, and old media are dead dead dead, I’d advise you to get out of there as soon as possible” – Alex B (to Tom Crampton)

“Micro-entrepreneuship. All the exciting stuff that’s happening is about getting the micro to work” – Thomas M-M

“I’m a fucking sociologist, I’m just describing what’s happening” – Alex B

“I just wanted to point out that there are very basic necessities of life haven’t been addressed for over half of the planet” – Martin V

“Micro-entrepreneurship is absolute bullshit terminology because everything starts up small and if it’s successful it grows big” – Carlos B


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November 22nd, 2006 at 1:33 am (#)

Thanks, I hope you keep up posting from SIME! Last year’s event was interesting, but this time I’m sick & stuck at home.. :(

November 24th, 2006 at 11:34 pm (#)

Thanks, Jyri. That was without a doubt the most intriguing thing I’ve read this morning.

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