We launched a new version of the Jaiku beta. Everyone on Jaiku now gets a presence stream where they can post updates about everyday things as they happen – what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, where you’re going.

Jaiku works from the Web browser and mobile phones. You can also configure it to add an update to your presence stream when you update your Web feeds.

Here are the main features. You can:

Jaikushot21. Start a presence stream at yourname.jaiku.com:

– Post presence updates
– Add icons to your messages
– Set your location
– Add your Web feeds

2. Add contacts, get their updates:

– Add your friends
– Get an overview of their latest updates
– Exchange comments

3. Use Jaiku from your phone:

– Text presence updates from any phone
– Download Jaiku Mobile to your Nokia S60 smartphone

Our group of friends is turning into a focused startup, and pieces are falling into place. Web developers Andy Smith and Juha Törönen joined our team. Andy previously worked at Flock and lives in Amsterdam. Juha is a Helsinki local who’s worked on projects with me before. I really like working with both of them. We also found an office space in a former factory close to the center of town.


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Lloyd Budd
November 16th, 2006 at 7:43 pm (#)

I am very happy for you that you are working with my good friend Andy! You are very lucky. He has mad skills and is lots of fun ;-)

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