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UPDATE: Jaiku is now back up and running.

UPDATE2: The reason of the crash was evidently a traffic spike from badges, Nebula was responsive alhtough it took a while to get through to them on the phone is currently down due to what appears to be a force majeur of some sort at Nebula the hosting company. We’re investigating.

Leo Laporte the charismatic tech conversationalist and owner of TWiT network of online media announced on his blog he’d moved to Jaiku. He can be found at

Leo’s announcement generated a flow of traffic to Jaiku. The database server went on its knees for a short while but thanks to Andrew, Andy, and Petteri we were back up and running reasonably quickly.

In the 24 hours following Leo’s move we’ve been getting a lot more traffic, new users, and blog coverage than ever in Jaiku’s history. Here are a few notable picks of commentary:

An interview on Jaiku on 606tech

Robert Scoble polemizes Laporte’s decision

Technology Evangelist asks how volatile are the social networks

also, there are fresh reviews of Jaiku Mobile on SMS Text News. Here are the first impressions and here’s the second review, two weeks on

We’ll be doing our best to keep the site up and responsive through Easter, and start adding more hardware in the days that follow. As for myself, I’m going to get some sleep now. Folks who wondered why our head of ops is on the other side of the world, now you know :)