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Copenhagen’s Reboot is one of a few conferences I would not miss.

This year was the 10th anniversary of the event, and true to the spirit of its theme ‘free’ it ended with a self-organized beer-sharing huddle on the street in front of the afterparty venue.

The town being Copenhagen, and the crowd being Rebooters, the huddle swelled into a full-scale street party that didn’t stop until the police arrived on the scene. (Here’s a video from when it was still relatively early in the night).

In my talk I discussed how activity streams are turning social services into a flow of updates, filtered through people, and tried to show how the concepts of social objects and social peripheral vision can be applied to make sense of this shift.

Reboot is reportedly going to post a video of the talk online some time soon. In the meanwhile, here are the slides:

As usual, the conference was packed with interesting speakers and I didn’t get to listen to half of the people I would have liked to hear. Some highlights included David Weinberger on Babbage, Chris Messina on ‘Free to migrate‘ and Eric Wahlforss and Alex Ljung on their startup Soundcloud.

Also, the talks from Reboot 9 were recently posted online – here’s mine about microblogging and tiny social objects.