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The wedding outfits I mentioned in the previous post were released at the Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday. The dress, a flat hexagon that opens up into a complex, delicate form, is called Kide; here’s a photo and reportage

Which brings me to the title of the post. Today’s our wedding day.

Ilkka Suppanen, a founder of the acclaimed Snow Crash design collective, had earlier formulated an idea he called “a beautiful day” as a challenge to designers. It is a call to act on the future of a world deep in the grip of change that could wipe out much of what people everywhere hold dear. The wedding is part of Dai Fujiwara’s answer. He sees in it birth.

I think of the beautiful day notion simply in the context of relationships. We can make each day a beautiful one to those we love.

We’re living a time when it is radically easier for people to come together than it was just ten years ago – like with these leading designers’ collaboration around the wedding. This is no doubt a good thing. But there’s another side to the growing intensity of interaction. People are also dropping relationships on a whim. According to a study by Rutgers University, only 63% of American children grow up with both biological parents – the lowest figure in the Western world.

Happiness requires longetivity. That you stick around in a relationship. But sticking around is hard, because you’ve got to keep changing yourself to renew it. A wedding makes one face this fact, I think. There are other ways to face it too, of course. But that’s what this wedding and all the wonderful activity around it is really about: facing oneself without false presumptions, naked. Acknowledging that if love and happiness are what we desire, then making each day a beautiful one, that’s what it’s going to take.

Note: this post was written on January 31st but I initially decided to not publish it because of the personal nature of the topic. I’m publishing it now, exactly a month later.

I’m one of those lucky chaps who’s getting married without having to go through the trouble of proposing. My fiancée took care of that casually from the back seat while we were on our way I forget where. Her suggestion threw me off balance enough to get us thoroughly lost that October afternoon.

In the months that followed the wedding turned into a production involving six leading designers; the heritage of a deceased architect; and a living philosopher. Somewhere along the way Ulla and I will get married, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the idea; that life is about making each day a beautiful one.

Now, about a month before d-day, we’re hosted by Issey Miyake in Tokyo for the fitting of the outfits. I can’t say much about them yet except we all went a bit quiet when we saw the dress. This dress will reach out to your soul and squeeze it. It will be released at the Paris Fashion Week on February 26th.

The collection also features special pieces by the Boroullec brothers, Camper, Hella Jongerus, Louise Campbell, and Ilkka Suppanen. It will be made accessible starting the last week of February by quality design publications and at